Term and Conditions

Discount: A 10% discount will be given on all COD orders for the total invoice amount for Spring 2012, SHIPPING COSTS NOT INCLUDED.

Overdue Accounts: All overdue accounts are subject to a 1.5% monthly (18% per year) finance charge plus the cost of collection, if any necessary. Payment is considered overdue after 30 days of receiving shipment.

Pricing:Pricing is subject to change without notice, please verify the prices upon making your order. Prices do not include shipping charges.

Shipping:Lady Di Tree Farms Inc. is not liable for any damage sustained to plants during shipment.

Placing an Order: All orders are accepted based on current crop condition and last known counts. Lady Di Tree Farms Inc. will not be held liable if the order cannot be completed due to error in count, labor shortage, shipping delay, fire, hail, lightning or any other act of god. Lady Di Tree Farms Inc. assumes no liability for non-performance. Orders can be accepted via email, fax, telephone or in person; however, written confirmation must be received before the order is filled.

Crop Descriptions:If any shipped plants prove to be untrue to there genetic name described when placing the order, Lady Di Tree Farms Inc. will replace the nursery stock with the correct plants as ordered or refund the amount of the original order. Lady Di Tree Farms Inc. assumes no liability for any dollar amount greater than that originally charged on the invoice for said nursery stock.

Performance and Life:Lady Di Tree Farms Inc. does not guarantee the survivability or productiveness of any nursery stock sold.

Claims: We will work with our customers to correct all errors as a result of poor performance by Lady Di Tree Farms Inc.; however all errors must be reported within 7 days of receiving shipment of items in question. If notification is not made within 7 days of receiving shipment, Lady Di Tree Farms Inc. is no longer liable for any errors